Roast Beef and Movies (1934) is a short subject starring Curly Howard (billed as "Jerry Howard") along with George Givot, Bobby Callahan, and the Albertina Rasch Dancers. This is 8th film when the Stooges still under contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and only Curly appearance without an another Stooges (Moe & Larry) during his career.

The short, filmed in two-strip Technicolor, uses the "Chinese Ballet" segment from Children of Pleasure and the "Woman in the Shoe" segment from Lord Byron of Broadway (both 1930).


In this short, Curly had his own unofficial Stooges team with himself playing the "patsy", George Givot as Gus Parkyurkarkus (a pun of "Henry Parkyarkarkus" character of comedian Henry Parke) who is a combination both Healy & Moe type leader and Bobby Callahan in the "middleman" role

Larry Fine recalls that Metro tried to reproduce the Stooges by pairing Curly with Givot and Callahan. But, this didn't pan out, even though the film was a critical success. Curly also appeared in another MGM comedy, this one with Moe Howard, called Jail Birds of Paradise, which was also released in color on March 10, 1934.