Time Out for Rhythm is a 1941 musical comedy film starring Rudy Vallée, Ann Miller and The Three Stooges. Alan Hale, Jr., best known for his role as Skipper Jonas Grumby on Gilligan's Island, also makes a brief appearance early on, marking one of his first film appearances.

A DVD was released by Sony Home Entertainment on August 7, 2012, in its manufactured-on-demand "Columbia Choice Collection" series.


Harvard educated Danny Collins (Rudy Vallée) and street-wise Mike Armstrong (Richard Lane) team up after a chance meeting to form the most successful talent agency in New York City. Mike is in love with nightclub and Broadway songstress Frances Lewis (Rosemary Lane), determined to make her nationally famous with his and Danny's help. Danny sees her, correctly, as a self-centered opportunist willing to capitalize on Mike's affections to further her career.

Eventually, she causes Danny and Mike to split. Around the same time Danny and his assistant 'Off-Beat' Davis meet Frances' maid Kitty Brown (Ann Miller), a shy tap-dancing wonder, and try to find her work... but without Mike, their new agency cannot get going successfully. Mike is not having any luck on his own either, despite the fact he and Frances are now engaged to be married.

When Danny has the opportunity to produce a New York based variety show with Kitty and Joan Merrill (as herself) as the headliners, he and Mike finally make amends when he needs Mike's help to seal the deal. But Frances blackmails Danny, threatening to break Mike's heart if she is not cast as the star of the show. Mike eventually learns about this and finally sees Frances for who she really is and leaves her. Mike moves forward, with Danny as his friend and business partner once again, to work on the show starring Kitty.

Moe, Larry and Curly costar as out-of-work actors trying to find jobs thru Danny's and Mike's agency. They perform the "Maharaja" routine, the "Melodrama" sketch, disguise themselves as inept Western Union messengers to invade the agency, and masquerade as gangsters to trick Frances. The film's musical finale begins with the Stooges (with help from co-stars Brenda and Cobina) performing a hilarious rhumba dance number, with Curly Howard dressed up as Carmen Miranda

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